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Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for Government Assistance to cover my Home Care?

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will assess your level of need. Details about how to apply are below.

If you are eligible for assistance, you may be allocated a Home Care Package (HCP), or a Commonwealth Home Support Program package (CHSP).

What is a Home Care Package (HCP)?

The Home Care Package allows people with higher care needs to remain in their homes for as long as possible. ACAT will determine if you are eligible for the HCP and which level will provide the right level of care for you.

Level 4: Assists people with HIGH care needs.

Level 3: Assists people with INTERMEDIATE care needs.

Level 2: Assists people with LOW LEVEL care needs.

Level 1: Assists people with BASIC care needs.

Is River Healthcare a Home Care Package (HCP) Provider?

Yes we are a Government-Approved Home Care Package Provider. We can support you to manage your HCP, choosing which home care services you will benefit from the most. We provide everything from Allied Health and Nursing, to Domestic Services.

What is the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)?

This is the lowest tier of government home care funding, for people who are just starting to need a little bit of help at home, but who can still do most things themselves.

Is River Healthcare a CHSP provider?

No. River Healthcare is a Home Care Package provider or can provide home care services that are funded privately by the client.

If you are eligible for CHSP, ACAT will let you know which community organisations can access the CHSP funding to provide your services.

If you are currently receiving services through CHSP (it may be a little bit of cleaning or help with your shopping, for which you pay a small gap fee to a local community organisation), but you feel that your home care needs have increased, you can request reassessment by ACAT (see below for how to do this).

How do I apply for Government Assistance for home care?

Step 1. Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to register for an assessment or to request reassessment, if your needs have increased. Be very clear about what you can’t do anymore, and what you need help with. They need to understand your situation so don’t be afraid to tell them—we are all used to putting on a brave face and saying we are ok, however this is not the time for that! You need to tell them what it is you now need help with and not hold anything back. It is a good idea to write a list before you call: the physical problems you are having and the tasks that you can not do anymore.

Step 2.
You will receive a call from your assessor to arrange a time to visit you for your assessment.

Step 3.
You will have an assessment visit: Remember to tell them all the tasks you can not do anymore—refer to the lists you made earlier.

Step 4.
Wait! It can be a long wait until you hear if you have been approved for home care funding and what kind of funding you will receive. You will receive a letter of approval. (If you are approved for the CHSP, you will be told which community agencies can assist you).

Step 5
If you have been approved for a HCP….you’ll wait some more! It can be a lengthy wait to be assigned the money in your package, as there are a limited number of packages available. If you have been approved for a Home Care Package, you might receive CHSP funding to access a small amount of home care while you wait for the larger amount of funding in the HCP. You can also pay privately (fee-for-service) for home care services from River Healthcare, while waiting for the funding.

Step 6
When you are assigned your Home Care Package you will be given a Referral Code. You should phone River Healthcare on 0431 350 180, with the referral code so we can start your home care services. We will visit you as soon as possible to work out exactly which services will help you the most, and start matching you with the most appropriate carers.

Will you send different carers to me each time?

No! As much as possible, we will arrange for a regular carer or carers to look after you. This means you can get to know your carer and vice versa, and you can have a sense of routine.

Do you give a set time that carers will arrive?

Yes. We like our carers to have a regular time and we insist that they be prompt. We do not give large time-frames that they may arrive, leaving you waiting for hours , not knowing when they will get there.

Do you charge an Exit Fee?

No. At River Healthcare we believe that if we can't make you happy, then we don't deserve any more of your money! We like to work individually with every client, honing our service to be what you want it to be. If you are not happy with a carer (sometimes there may be a lack of fit), then we will work to find you another, who suits you better. We will keep trying until we get it right!

Will I be able to see what my Home Care Package is being spent on?

Yes. We work with you in the initial stages of your care to work out which services you need and how they will fit into the funding you have been allocated. You will receive a monthly statement showing you exactly what monies have been spent, and what is left over, still to be used. You can choose to increase or reduce your services whenever your needs change.

Do you charge an Administration Fee?

Yes we charge just 10% of your total Home Care Package.

Do you charge a Coordination Fee?

Yes we charge a small coordination fee, depending on your needs. If your care needs are on the lower side (say you are on a Level 1 or 2 HCP) and if you have children or other family members/friends who are very involved and able to support you, the fee will be very low. If you do not have anyone close by to help you, or if your care needs are very high (for example you are on a Level 3 or 4 HCP), then the fee will be a little higher.

I'm always looking forward to my visits as I know there's always benefits.  After my accident some three years ago, any help I can get is very welcome.



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