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Allied Health Services for RACF's & Medical Centres.

RACF Allied Health Services

River Healthcare is one of Australia's leading providers of Professional Home Care Services, and providers of Allied Health Services to Residential Aged Care Facilities and Medical Centres, and have been since 1999. 


We are knowledgeable about how best your facility can access government schemes and can assist you to maximise your funding. We tailor our partnerships to the individual needs of each client or facility and which particular service/s you require.

Our core business has always been Aged Care services whether in our clients home, or in an Aged Care Home. That's why we do it so well. Our staff provide the highest standard assessment and treatment, while maintaining the excellence in communication for which we are renowned.  You will always be in the loop about our scheduled visits and the provision of care services.

Our practitioners are supported by administration staff, a Team & Hub Leader and HR team.  This ensures that we can provide the best service to you and/or your facility. We have tried and true documentation systems, providing detailed reporting to the facility and head office. We love paperwork!  



Weight loss & gain,
menu reviews, supplement analysis.

podiatry care

Podiatry Care

The care of leg and foot conditions.

wellness programs

Wellness Programs

Provision of wellness for both residents and staff.

Pain Management

Pain Management

Provision of pain management programs. 



ACFI and Accreditation standards service delivery.

Occupational therapy


Environment audit, support equipment access.

ACFI Cos Benefit Analysis

ACFI & Cost Benefit Analysis

Increase & maximise your regular funding.

Is Your Current Provider MAXIMISING Your Funding?

I'm always looking forward to my visits as I know there's always benefits.  After my accident some three years ago, any help I can get is very welcome.



Why Choose Us?

River Healthcare is a national health and wellbeing group established since 1999. Our aim is to take the pressure off you, as our core and only business is health & wellbeing service delivery.  Our staff love and embrace life, and our focus as a team is to ‘make the journey better’ for you and your customers. 

Our ability to deliver standardised services, with well-articulated strategies will provide your organisation with the capacity integral to the delivery and further development of aged care services now and as it grows.

We understand the intricacies of ACFI, CDC and NDIS, and the benefits of maximising funding.  We train all levels of our staff to understand this and other models of funding, such as Medicare, and other Better Access Better Health initiatives as integral to delivery of aged care services.  

We have worked at all levels within the aged care industry for over 18 years, from hand on to executive levels. We feel this is important in understanding what you as our customer needs. It also sets us apart from our competitors, who quite often are primarily focused on one deliverable service or is a smaller sole practitioner setup. You can be confident we are able to deliver the service, keep adapting to take advantage of all funding made available, and know what health & wellbeing services means to you and your customers.


As a differentiated specialist expert, we enable you to capitalise on the benefits of strategic partnering. Through strategic partnership aged care, medical centres and other health organisations can expect increased productivity, obtain expertise, improve risk management, acquire innovative ideas and, most importantly, rapidly adapt to the ever-changing environment. Strategic partnering to provide non-core business, for instance allied health services such as podiatry and physiotherapy, or home care such as domestics services and home maintenance, allows your business to focus its resources on activities essential to its growth and survival, while allowing us to create value with our core strengths.   


River Healthcare has national capacity and capabilities in the three main Aged Care sectors - Residential Aged Care Service Delivery; Retirement/Independent Living Service Delivery; and In-home or Community Care Service Delivery. We also have capabilities in Disability care service delivery, as well as other wellness support services, (eg. staff wellness services).  We are proud of our ability to supply care services and our 18 plus years of service has enabled us to evolve and innovate supply and delivery strategies to decrease gaps historically seen in customer care, staff retention and health and wellbeing service delivery.

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RACF Allied Health Services

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